Past Entries

2016 Film Challenge Finalists

This short film showcases the blossoming partnership between the Design Build Studios of Louisiana Tech University and Medcamps of Louisiana, a non-profit organization that provides free summer camp experiences to children with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Grand Prize Winner: Arch 335: Rebuilding Medcamps

20x10 shares the vision for a radical new community for the chronically homeless in Austin, TX. Key architects involved in the project discuss the intention behind their designs, and their efforts to build community through unique 20x10 "micro" homes.

Runner-Up: 20×10

In June 2008 a destructive flood swept through Cedar Rapids. Hundreds of homes and businesses were lost including 300 city owned buildings and some of the city’s most prominent public structures. Eight years later, we wanted to tell the story of the role we played in charting a course out of the devastation.

Third Place: Build Back Better

An Architect and a Surfer discuss how an innovative Lifeguard Tower can protect the beach in a beautiful way.

The Guard

Architecture is more than designing a building it is about building communities. HOME has many meanings to different people and we explore that meaning with a senior community.


Since 2013, Portland State University's Diversion Design-Build Studio has partnered with Pickathon to address the temporary nature of music festivals and the waste they typically generate.

Pickathon: An Architectural Solution

This is the story of ELL - a cross-disciplinary gallery that draws from different facets of the local art, architecture and design communities in an effort to make art more engaging and accessible.


Architect, David Hertz, has integrated an air to water technology called 'Skysource' producing up to 150 gallons of water per day.

Precipitating Change

"Albizia" is a prolific invasive tree specimen in the state of Hawai'i that causes damage to the both the built and natural environment.


SCADpad micro housing community built in Atlanta

Claim (Y)our Space

"A HOME" tells the story of how this ambitious architecture project has transformed the lives of the residents of East Harlem giving them a place that is fun, hopeful and that creates community.


Savannah, GA, is a great example of how the urban plan of a city can bring the community together. The innovative urban plan from 1733 is having a positive impact on the community to this day.

Timeless Innovation

"Celebration" explores the story of the David and Gladys Wright House Foundation as they begin to restore and maintain the David Wright House, one of the most unique and architecturally significant designs by American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.


Deep Ellum is a beloved historic neighborhood in Dallas in a current state of urban renewal, with a rich character and culture shaped by the creative community at its heart.

The Beast

In a secluded area of Panama, a group of Americans (mostly from Atlanta area) are working to build a town from the ground up.

Experiments in Town Building

2015 Film Challenge Finalists

The RED Office

Servant of Nature

My City Listens

Tulane City Center

Cradle to Cradle

Designing for Progress

Architect Tim Boden

Hometown Care

Colega Architects


Material People

High Line

Mixed Plate Hawaii