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Look Up to Look Ahead: The Year of the Advocate

by the AIA Advocacy Team for ilookup.org

As we encourage the public to look up we need architects to look ahead – to envision and make real a vibrant, sustainable future for their profession.

Every day, policymakers make decisions that affect the practice of architecture and the built environment.  No matter the kind of work you perform and where you perform it, decisions made from Washington, DC to your state capitol to city hall affect you.

But today, less than one in three AIA members have ever met with their elected representatives. Few architects serve on the boards and committees that directly affect the built environment in their communities. As a result, we’re losing influence – and the ability to shape our future.

It’s up to all AIA members to make sure their views are heard, which is what advocacy is all about. That is why 2015 is the Year of the Advocate at the AIA.

Join us as we begin to build a culture of advocacy by:

  • CONNECTING members to each other and those who influence the built environment and the practice of architecture;
  • SUPPORTING AIA components at all levels by building their capacity to help members advocate; and
  • PREPARING AIA members to become more effective advocates for their profession.

Throughout the Year of the Advocate we will share the stories of AIA members already actively advocating, and show you how you can join them. We will show you how you can speak up for your profession on your own terms – about the causes that inspire you and through actions that motivate you. In addition, you will have the chance to join the conversation and share your visions about how architects can advocate for a better future.

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Where do you begin? Start by joining the AIA Advocacy Network to connect with your fellow AIA members ready to stand up for their profession (but what is the Network? Find out!). Then share the image above on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread the word about the Year of the Advocate.

You can also be an advocate for architecture in your community at large – share the Look Up video with your friends and acquaintances not in the industry to demonstrate the importance of architects and drive the conversation.

Being an advocate isn’t hard, and it doesn’t have to take much time. But if you don’t speak up for your profession, who else will?

That’s why 2015 is your year at the AIA – a year of empowerment, civic engagement, and change. Stay tuned the AIA Advocacy page in the coming weeks for more news and resources to get involved.

This is the year to stand up for yourself, your profession, and your community. It is the Year of the Advocate.