I Look Up Film Challenge: Making water out of air

The second annual I Look Up Film Challenge is well underway. Teams across the country are hard at work using the power of film to shine a light on stories of innovative design. As the challenge rolls on, let’s take a break from the action to meet some of our participants in this blog series. 

Participants: David Hertz (architect); Nicol Ragland, Wolf Birds (Director); Matt Eppedio

Location: Venice Beach, California

AIA: What inspired you to “Look Up” and compete this year?

David Hertz: As an architect practicing in the field of sustainability with explorations toward a restorative architecture over the last 33 years, I have been inspired to create buildings and systems that give back more than they take. I have become fascinated lately with the ability to harvest water out of the air using a patented technology for Atmospheric Water Generation. I have been testing a machine behind my architecture firm SEA, just off the Venice Beach Boardwalk. I make 150 gallons of potable water from the sky using solar energy and am giving it away to the community for free. So I’m precipitating change one drop at a time.

So, when I look up, I see the potentiality of converting water vapor into drinkable air for point of use hyper local water self reliance.

We tagged along with David and his team to capture some behind-the-scenes action from their production. Film credit: Riley Engemoen.


Connect with the team online:

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