I Look Up Film Challenge: Designing a startup-friendly city

The is the second post in our I Look Up Film Challenge “Meet The Contestants” series. We’ve asked filmmakers across the country to tell stories about the power of innovative design. 

Participant: MF Architecture

Location: Austin, Texas

AIA: What inspired you to “Look Up” and compete this year?

MF Architecture: There is no doubt that Austin, the once small town of Texas is now a booming hub for entrepreneurs and creatives. Recent reports show that the city’s startup density is now greater than that of Silicon Valley. Looking up, office towers are increasingly changing its urban landscape, yet fail to accommodate the rapidly growing business population due to the conventional construction methods. Simultaneously, higher demand than supply leads to more expensive office spaces, as well as worse traffic. One reason for a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem to exist is its affordability and accessibility. It is therefore important to not only “look up” but also “look down” by rethinking and redesigning the office typology at a smaller scale to diversify for the immediate needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses, while keeping Austin unique and startup-friendly.

Look+See Vision Care in South Austin, Texas by MF Architecture. Photo: Leonid Furmansky.

Look+See Vision Care in South Austin, Texas by MF Architecture. Photo: Leonid Furmansky.

We at Matt Fajkus Architecture see the Film Challenge as part of our continuous effort towards expanding the relevance of architecture among the general public, as well as in the interest of being a reflective practice which not only designs and realizes built environments, but aims to learn from the process itself in a critical experimental loop.

Several MF Architecture employees at work.

Several MF Architecture employees at work.

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