I Look Up Film Challenge: Asking questions and taking risks

This is our third blog in our I Look Up Film Challenge “Meet The Contestants” blog series. We’ve asked filmmakers across the country to tell stories about the power of innovative design.

Participant: Angeline Gragásin

Location: Brooklyn, New York


Angeline Gragásin


AIA: What inspired you to “Look Up” and compete this year?

Angeline: I tell stories about ecology, memory, and power. Not only are these themes at the heart of every film I make, but they are present in every environment, whether by design or not. I think it’s no coincidence that many of my closest friends are architects—we share a similar process. A building or a film can easily take 5-10 years and an extraordinary amount of resources and collaboration to produce from conception-to-completion, and I’ve gained so much insight into my own craft and purpose by listening to and learning from architects. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by architects to ask questions, take risks, and experiment; these are the essential tools of any intrepid human, whatever his or her field. They’ve served me well and those who have given them to me—the subjects of my film—deserve to be celebrated. I’m not interested in merely winning a prize. My goal in this competition is to share and promote what I believe to be uniquely valuable perspectives with the community at AIA and beyond. That is why I am participating in this challenge.

Connect with Angeline:

Website: Angeline Gragásin   

Twitter: @AngelineGragzin

Instagram: @AngelineGragasin