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Rural Studio: Architecture in Action

In a small town in Alabama, architecture teachers and students are creating some of the most transformative solutions in the world of architecture.

Sponsored by Auburn University, Rural Studio expanded far beyond its original mission to design and build affordable housing. Now, they are designing buildings and spaces that change lives by working with the community to solve problems through architecture.

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Cinematography and Editing by 2015 Film Challenge finalists, Jeff Durkin and Dragan Radoicic.

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Photography for Rural Studio production and Film Challenge promotion by Keith Isaacs.

Architecture as a Solution:

Churchill said, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” That’s the power space can have on us. But there’s more to the story. Inside every structure and space is the beating heart of progress. The challenges we face today are being solved by the design of tomorrow.

When we look around at buildings and spaces, we see a timestamp on what life was like that moment.

An architect sees a creation that moved humanity forward. Each space created with tears and triumphs, filled with intention. And as we enter it and interact with it, we feel a part of it. That’s the architect’s pulse you’re feeling.

Architects are solving vital world problems, creating spaces that use less energy, structures that use less resources, that feel at one with the environment. Building progress.

So if you’re looking to the sky for an answer to the world’s problems, you’re looking too far. All you have to do is look up.